Bump Stocks, Are Now Illegal To Own, Buy Or Sell

Owning, buying, selling, or otherwise transferring a bump stock, becomes illegal Tuesday when a federal ban goes into effect.

Judge Dabney Friedrich rejected arguments that the rule was rushed through the administrative process, or that it was improperly issued by then acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker. She wrote that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives was within its right to redefine ambiguous terms that the government had previously concluded constrained them to allow the devices.

The case was one of at least five federal lawsuits challenging the rule issued by the Justice Department.

To destroy the devices, crushing, melting or shredding bump stocks is permitted, so is cutting them into pieces provided the devices are completely severed in areas constituting critical design failure.

Specific guidelines and methods to safely sever various bump stock models are available on ATF’s website.

Failure to destroy or turn in a bump stock will result in felony charges, the ATF said, adding state laws permitting the devices do not outweigh the federal regulation against them.

A violation of the federal ban comes with a $250,000 fine on top of a possible 10-year prison term.

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