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Illinois Judge Throws Out Deerfield Assault Weapons Ban!

Lake County Circuit Court Judge Luis Berrones issued a permanent injunction Friday barring enforcement of Deerfield, Illinois’ “assault weapons” ban.

On April 3, 2018, Breitbart News reported that Deerfield’s ban not only prohibited said weapons but empowered its chief of police to confiscate them and destroy them. The ban also empowered the chief to confiscate and destroy “high capacity” magazines.

A citizen, Daniel Easterday, alongside the Second Amendment Foundation and the Illinois State Rifle Association, brought a suit against Deerfield over the ban.

On June 12, 2018, a temporary injunction was secured and on March 22, 2019, a permanent injunction followed.

Judge Berrones wrote:

A permanent injunction is issued enjoining Defendant Village of Deerfield, its agents, officials or police department from enforcing any provision of Ordinance No. 0-18-01 and Ordinance No. 0-18-19 making it unlawful to keep, possess, bear, manufacture, sell, transfer, or transport assault weapons or large capacity magazines as defined in these ordinances.

The NRA supported the challenge and celebrated the victory:

The case is Easterday, Illinois State Rifle Association, Second Amendment Foundation v. Village of Deerfield. No. 18CH427, Lake County Circuit Court.

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