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Mayor In Illinois Adds Ban Of Firearms And Ammunition To Coronavirus Emergency Executive Order

The mayor of Champaign, Illinois has signed an EO which she claims grants her extraordinary power to curtail the rights of ordinary citizens. And while the banning of guns and ammunition are the eye catcher, it goes far beyond that.

Katie Pavlich over at Townhall has the report.

The mayor of Champaign, Illinois has declared a town emergency over the Wuhan coronavirus that includes a potential ban on the sale of firearms and ammunition.

According to a local report from WAND 17, Champaign Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen has issued an executive order that would give her office “extraordinary powers.” She has issued the order despite the town and surrounding area not having a single case of the disease.

Here’s the list of some of the more questionable powers the mayor has bestowed upon herself in an easy to read format.

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