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Two Arkansas Men Arrested for Shooting Each Other While Wearing Bullet-Proof Vests

Charles Ferris (L) and Christopher Hicks (Courtesy Benton County Sheriff’s Office)

We could make up a story like this, but why bother when you have people like Charles Ferris and Christopher Hicks running around un-supervised?

The pair of Arkansans were reportedly lounging on Hicks’ deck enjoying adult beverages when Ferris, who was wearing a bullet-proof vest for some reason, told Hicks to shoot him.

That sounded like a great idea, so Hicks grabbed a gun. We don’t know how far apart they stood, but . . .

Hicks shot Ferris in the chest one time with a .22 caliber semi-automatic rifle, according to the report. The bullet hit him the top left corner of the chest, and the vest stopped the bullet. The shot still hurt Ferris and left him with a red mark on the chest.

As you’d expect. We’re just glad they didn’t use something chambered in a caliber with more oomph. Still, it stung and Ferris wasn’t happy about it (though we’re not sure exactly what he thought was going to happen).

Ferris took the vest off and gave it to Hicks to put on.

Charles Ferris was “pissed” about getting shot and how much it hurt, so he “unloaded the clip into Christopher’s back,” according to the report.

None of the rounds penetrated the vest, but Christopher Hicks suffered bruises.

It hurt enough that Ferris went to a local hospital to have the wound checked out. When Sheriff’s deputies responded, the two made up a BS story at first to try to conceal how pig-ignorant they’d been. But it didn’t hold up for very long.

Ferris later told deputies about drinking with Hicks and how they shot each other with bulletproof vests on after deputies spoke with Ferris’ wife.

The two are now facing charges of aggravated assault. And they’re lucky neither of them missed the other’s vest and earn a Darwin Award nomination.

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