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[WATCH] Two Concealed Carriers Meet Armed Robber, But They’re Unarmed On Vacation

Four cousins from Indiana were on vacation in the Miami, Florida area when trouble found them as they filled up their car at a gas station around 3:30 in the morning.

Two of the four cousins have concealed carry permits in their home state of Indiana, but they didn’t bring their firearms along for the trip.

During a scuffle, one of the cousins was actually able to gain control over the now unarmed robber’s gun.

See how things go down below:

During an interview that John from ASP had with the cousins, they told him that they didn’t know their state of Indiana had reciprocity with Florida, which would allow them to carry their firearms while on this trip.

They also said they didn’t know what they could fly with a handgun.

Below is a screen shot of a reciprocity map for Indiana, taken from the USACarry.comwebsite;

Even if they were driving instead of flying, a clear shot to FL wouldn’t have been a problem for them. With their Indiana permits, they could have carried their firearms the whole way down without any legal issues.

If you’re traveling, do yourself a favor and look up this information for yourself. Don’t get into the habit of saying “It’s just a quick trip, I won’t need my gun”, or “It’s probably a hassle, so I’ll leave it at home”.

This example clearly shows us how things can go wrong while traveling.

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